Saturday, August 24, 2013

ZEN again...

Me I have just started a new school semester, and that can be bumpy as it adds new stress to life.  Schedules change and we moved recently so I still have the rest of those boxes that seem to "loom" and you are positive that you put that stuff in that box away yet when you look in the box, there is more stuff!
I am sharing all that to say.. LIFE can be stressful!  Being creative is a great way to relieve stress. One of the things I LOVE to do when I am stressed and just need my brain to have time to recoup is Zenthangle.. or Zendoodle...

Here are a few of my Zens

Zenthangling is pretty easy you just kind of doodle in a shape, now there are a lot of doodle ideas for zenthangling and I find that they are very helpful if you need a little inspiration.  

Here are a few so grab several different pens with different tips and get to doodlin!

Thangle Patterns

Get creative somehow everyday... remember many creative outlets makes for a balanced mess! ;)