Tuesday, August 27, 2013

thoughts on Selfies...

OK I admit it... I sometimes like to take selfies.. Here is how it started.  I wanted to put on some lipstick and I for whatever reason I couldn't find my compact so I grabbed my phone and used the self-portrait like a mirror. Once my lipstick was on, I took a photo of my new hair cut and sent it to my hubby... and thus my selfie photo collection started.  SO today as my wonderful hubby was on the phone in the car, I was bored and took a few selfies.  I liked them so I thought to myself. Why?  OH I know one reason.. I have lost almost 33 pounds since March.. that helps.. but I realized that I don't have a lot of photos of ME because I am usually the one behind the lens.
So I decided (back all those months ago) to start taking more photos of myself.  I like self portraits, they let me be silly...

How about you.. when do you take self portraits? Do you always share them or like me do you have a little stash of them hidden away on your hard drive!

Here are a few of my favorite selfies

Sometimes they are with my hubby

Sometimes cause I'm bored

Some are sent to my brother

Some are cause I want to remember something special

Some cause my kids rock

Some cause I feel pretty that day

Doesn't happen all the time so if you feel pretty take two! 

Some cause I just got my hair done and want to show my hubby

But it all started because I needed to be sure my lipstick was straight! 
SO anyone else feel a scrapbook layout coming on... I sure do!