Friday, May 29, 2015

Art of my He(art)

Confession - I hide the real me.  I am not the extrovert everyone thinks I am.   I am however passionate.  I love to create and more than that I love to teach about that passion.  I work for hours and hours on ways to educate people on techniques and things that will hopefully let them see why I so adore creating. I also hope to ignite a fire in their he(Art)

 Sadly, the real me likes to hide and lie to herself and say "your not good enough, you've been working so hard for so long to make something of yourself in this crazy industry.. why do you care so much? You are not ever going to be what you see in your lofty dreams."

The truth is.. I very much feel that way.  I finish a project and I find every single flaw.   I then use those flaws to justify why I fail to rise to the pinnacle of what I want to be.  I know there will not be many that see this post so I feel pretty safe here. I really work hard to feel my he(Art) has value.

 I know many people see it as markers and paper, but it truly is a gift that God gave me that is almost painful.  I hurt when I go too long without makin' pretty things.  If I could I would spend all my waking hours creating and yes I color... like a kindergartner.  I love to color I love to see the blending and trying new things to make my he(Art) express how I see the world.

More importantly,  I love to teach others, because like anyone that has a true passion, they want to scream about how great it is from the roof tops.. I want to make people understand my vision.. my he(Art).. I want to but alas, I fail often.  Like more than you would think-- I have learned one thing even in my failure I have not been able to put it away.  I can't pack up my stamps, paper, markers, adhesive and other supplies.  When I do, my he(Art) grieves.  I know I am not the best by any stretch of the imagination but I also know that without my he(Art) I would be incomplete.

Where does this leave me?  It leaves me as a struggling artist, doing everything she can to eek out something that validates my passion, and passes it on to the next -- So now you know... I am extroverted when I need to be, so I can share what I love... my he(Art)

So here are my creations (in all their imperfections) from the last few days. Know that I am working on project sheets for all of them as well as a few of the techniques I hope to have in video soon.

Background completed using blending techniques and Copic Markers.
 Bow is the new Stampin'Up! Bow maker. The perfect size for cards!  

Using Stampin'Up! Inks and water, I created a fun easy watercolor look!
Video coming soon on water coloring with Stampin'Up!

The backgrounds are a technique video that I have slated for later in the summer.
This is also the new stamp set You've Got This from Stampin' Up!
Colored with Copic markers to match some of the In-Color additions! 

Oh yeah you are seeing it - the NEW In-Colors are used on this simple fast card
The lace ribbons  yeah they match! 

I made this card in honor of our active and retired Vets on Memorial Day.
I used the Work of Art Set from Stampin'Up! to create the flag and Copic
Markers to color the Thanks sentiment.   The flag was the most fun to
make because I used a set in a way I had never thought of before.
I have a few more but I didn't get photos of them. I am going to get started on the upcoming July workshop which is going to be Christmas in July - Bags, Tags, and gifts galore.  A workshop that will include fun ideas on ways to use your stamps and accessories to make stunning unique gift wrapping and packages

IF you are interested in ordering a make-n-take of any of my cards seen on this site simply send me a message with the code (on the photos) such as in the "thanks" flag card above (WOA-2)  and I will send you the price for the consumables and project sheet. If you are interested in ordering a set of the completed cards simply send the code number and the number of cards you are interested in purchasing.

I love you guys and thanks for listening to me share my He(art) !


Friday, May 22, 2015


YES!  I am looking to meet my goal!  Need a few new members to make our team.  Please contact me today if you are interested in making money Makin' Pretty Things!  A new catalog is out in just a few weeks a PERFECT time to join Stampin'Up!  all the new products will really help you boost your first quarter sales!

There is NO TIME BETTER than today!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


It is time!  We are just weeks away from the catalog launch.  As a demonstrator, I get the privilege of  sneak peeks AND pre-ordering.  With this privilege comes awesome benefits,  I get to show off the new goods a little early.  SU has been so kind to allow us to give sneak peaks.  I am excited to share with you two of the products on the sneak peek list. 1. The IN-COLOR inks and a stamp set.  The new set is called "You've Got This"  it is such a great set to color.  Here is a card I whipped up using the New In-Colors, Mint Macaron, Tip Top Taupe, and Copic Markers that represent the Watermelon Wonder colors.  

Let's not wait any longer here is the first image... the card I got done as soon as I opened the box...
Set: You've Got This
Ink Colors: Tip Top Taupe, Mint Macaron
Cardstock: Tip Top Taupe, Mint Macaron
Colored using Copic Markers R22,R24,R29, YG 91, YG 95, YG97, Y35, Y38

And a shot of the new In Color Ink pads.  

Are you ready for the new catalog?  Let me know if you would like to own one for yourself.  Also keep checking back for more sneaks.  I also am going to have a give away all you have to do to be entered to win is leave a comment and follow my blog.  Share the post for an extra entry. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Summer Lovin' - Looking to start a club 3 months

Good Afternoon my thoughtful friends!

I am so blessed this week.  My son Brad is home from school, finals are over and I am actually graduating!  I know it is a great start to my Summer!  

Summer always brings out the fun crafty in me because usually my "busyness" slows a bit.  I hope yours does as well!  

I have decided for the next three months I am going to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin and I want to invite you to keep with the simple side of summer and jump in with me.  

Now you are asking.. WHAT is Paper Pumpkin?  Well I am so glad you asked.  Paper Pumpkin is a box full of fun.  Each kit comes with everything you need to complete a project or several cards.  I love it because it allows me to get into my creative mind-set with ease.  I open the box and make something pretty!  It gives me a great project to keep my creating every month right to my door!   I also would love to start a PP club I will call it B.Y. O. PP  *Bring Your Own PaperPumpkin  

If you are interested in joining the BYOPP  let me know asap we will get you all set up!  IF you are out of state join...I will be setting up a cyber meeting space where we will meet once a month to chat and create... a group hangout!  Email me if you have questions. 

If you want to order off my website click here enter the information below.  We will hold the BYOPP party through the summer if we love it we will keep going but this allows you a little time out and about gathering with friends and we can create for a very reasonable price. 
137859 3 months$59.85

Do you want to see a few first check out these favorites of mine.  All Shook Up (Dec 2014)  Filled with Love (Jan 2015) Framed Love (April 2014) Sweet as Pie (Oct 2014)  These are ones that are still available and adorable. There are many that were sold out.. but yeah.. you get the idea!  Let me know if you are IN.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Make someones day!

Hello my thoughtful friends!

Today I want to share an idea.  It may seem far fetched at first, you may say. Erika you're a nut.  Well that has already been established. I am indeed a macadamia nut. Okay back on the subject-- Many of you know I love to surprise people with little notes of encouragement. In fact, every year at Christmas time I take a part of our gift giving budget and purchase about 20 or 30 gift cards from different places and simply write-- "I hope you have a great day today"  Blessings from Santa's elves and I leave them on tables in restaurants or have a store employee give them away.  It is my joy to watch as people look around trying to figure out WHO gave them this gift... I love to remain anonymous because my theory works like this:  If you don't know which person gave you the gift card, you must assume it was any one of the people there-- this fosters a better day not just for the receiver, but it also makes him/her react more kindly to others. It is after all possible that the lady standing in front of the drink dispersing talking on the phone gave that away.  

I also am very fond of this method because I often target civil servants -- firemen/women, police women/men  etc.  I learned once that they are not allowed to take those from people, it could be seen as a bribe-- therefore if I am unknown to them there is no way they can get in trouble for accepting a free lunch/coffee on me!

I really love to see people get an unexpected joy so I was thinking, what can I do?  How can I encourage others?  So I devised a new plan.  As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator I have all these great stamps with beautiful sayings and images that can really make people happy.  I have decided to create what I am calling "tip cards"  What I do, is I make these cards up they are about 4 1/2 x 2 1/4 for fast food, bank teller, postal official etc and they just are a note thanking them (in handwriting)  for the great job they are doing.  I then make a few larger ones for sit down restaurants that I put my card in when I am paying the tab etc.  NOW this in no way replaces the monetary tip, but it is just a way to leave a little nice around.

If you would like to learn more about how I make these or Stampin' Up! products I used let me know, or visit my website   ALSO.. keep checking back, I will have videos up for you soon.  My ATV guy begins work after the launch date of the new catalog! June 2

Thank you all and be blessed!

Here are a few samples
 (OH happy day by Sandra Goforth www.sgoforth.stampinup,net)

Now Go MakePrettyThings! 


Friday, May 1, 2015

Open House Projects for May 2


Today is my open house.  I know not everyone can make it but I wanted to share the projects I have planned.

The great news is if you want to take part, I have PDF Project Sheets for each project. Just let me know which ones you would like, I will email you the PDF.  All the products are from the current Stampin'Up! Catalogs.  Each project sheet has a list of the products I used and the techniques used and step by step instructions.  All products are available at my website or contact me for more information.

KEEP an eye on the blog, I am hiring a AV guy this summer and workshops and open house projects will also have videos you can watch!

Our 1st Project is with the lovely Sheltering Tree - Thankful for you Card  $3 Make N Take

If you would like the project sheet, please ask for ST1 in your message
Project #2 - Texture and Technique Happy for You Card using Flower Patch and Crazy About You $3 Make N Take

If you would like the project sheet, please ask for FP1 in your message

Project # 3 - Mom's day is just around the corner so we have a fun Mother's Day Gift bag!
I  am using the same set from the last project. I like to show how versatile the product can be. So we go from a congrats card to Mother's Day! $4 Make N Take

If you would like the project sheet, please ask for GB1 in your message
Project #4 - Rad Grad Gift Card envelope - When you care enough to get them just want they want you want it to be more than just a card.  So we are stepping up the gift card envelope.  $4 Make N Take 

If you would like the project sheet, please ask for GC1 in your message
Let's not forget the inside!  Here is a peek at the finished inside of this cute project. I used a graduation stamp but this set is perfect for any event you want to make a special gift card envelope.

Image taken in Target
Project #5 - My open houses always have what I call an On Trend Project, and this one is no different.  Keeping with trends we have a fun card up next.  I don't know if you have noticed but Coral/Magenta and Navy accompanied with any sea image is everywhere!  When I was in Target I first noticed it.  then I noticed it all over bags, apparel its popping up everywhere.  Walk into Target and look around!   $3 Make N Take 

If you would like the project sheet, please ask for TC1 in your message

I am so excited to share the projects we are working on in this Open House.  Make sure you keep an eye on my website for upcoming Open Houses.  Remember you can choose to do one project or three.  If you want to do several of the same project just RSVP to ensure I have enough kits for you.  When you RSVP let me know which projects you would like to complete!  

If you can't make it or do you live out of town, but would like the an Open House kit (one of each project) just let me know and we will make arrangements to get them to you.  ALL kits come with a PDF step by step assembly sheet, complete with photo of the project. 

Love the projects and just want to buy them completed or multiple kits?  Contact me at  

I look forward to hearing your opinions and comments!