Saturday, August 17, 2013

HAPPY Saturday!

Good Morning Sunshine!
Yup it is another HOT day here in Phoenix!  We may make it over the 110 mark, so what does a girl do when she can't go outside to enjoy the summer sun... she stays in and gets crafty!

Today's Layout is brought to you by CSI Case 85 challenge which I will be doing again later as I do NOT like this layout.  HOWEVER, to be fair, I am just getting my mojo back.  This layout started out sooo much better in my head.  The printable downloads for this case file are adorable and I had a hard time picking which I wanted to use so my solution was to use a bunch of them! OH and did I mention they have pattern papers as well!  Yes they do and as I sat playing last night I realized that every time I play a CSI challenge it's like getting a new pack of goodies to play with every new case.  OK enough stalling here is the layout I made
Sedona Sunset - by Erika Hayes
CSI Case #85
SO to make up for the layout I don't like I have one that I do like... it is of my beloved Grandfurpuppy Akea. The title of this layout is about as true a statement that has ever been made...even people that say "generally I don't like dogs... but he is so sweet"  I am 110% sure it is those eyes. How he ever ended up in a shelter I will never know! I am sooooo blessed that my daughter rescued him, he is just Mr. Personality rolled up in cuteness...
Everybody Loves Him - By Erika Hayes

OK so today I am cutting a quilt.  I will have some photos for you tomorrow!  This quilt is SUPER simple.  In fact the name of the book I got the pattern from is called Super Simple Quilts by Alex Anderson and Liz Aneloski.
Sneak Peek at the fabric:

NOT Colors one would expect from me.  That's okay.. sometimes it is fun to step out of what is expected into something else that you may find you just LOVE!

Quick Note: While scrapbooking is my first and primary love in crafting, I am a crafter, I do all kinds of stuff and this blog is dedicated to that-- making stuff... so when I make stuff I will share it here. Check labels if you want to find something faster! 

Have a Rockin' Good Weekend! 
Craft your he{art}s out!