Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hugging you with my WHOLE heart!

I love when I can mix up my stamp sets. I love that I was able to pull the heart off one set and the flowers off another and of course the sentiment from another.  It makes me feel like I am getting a lot more for my money.  I think one of the reasons I love this card so much is that the colors (though not so hot here) are fantastic.  I really messed around with the yellow-greens and greens in the dinosaurs. I was even able to bring in a Tonal Grey.  Here is a card that unfortunately I will be sending out all too soon as a dear friend lost her mom this week.  So I want her to know that while I am a long way in terms of distance I am not in my heart.  I think that is what I love so much about making cards, you get to send a small piece of yourself when you send them out.  I hope you enjoy this fun little card. I used a lot of MFT in fact, wait, it is all MFT.  So just pop over (click HERE) and you will find everything you need with the exception to the Copic Markers, which I got at BLICK Art Supply I am sure. Again, if you would like a list of the Copic Colors I used just let me know I will be happy to list them.

Also, I am thinking I really need to get some FSJ stuff, I miss creating with those fantastic Red Rubber Stamps!  Anyone with me?  Maybe a challenge!  Would you like some challenges?


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rainbow Dragons

At one time I was the girl who bought it all. I had to have everything that was latest and greatest. Oh, how I do not miss those days, playing keep up with an industry that expels new product at an ungodly rate. I felt if I didn't have the newest things that I wouldn't be able to compete for Design Team positions, for magazine pick-ups and so many other things that were just silly.  So I recently for the first time purchased some of the Tim Holtz Distress Crayons.  I came home and began playing with them and decided they were a good investment. I really like the cream medium they offer. I also love how they react with water.  I made this cute rainbow card.
I gathered some fun supplies. I had just purchased three of the Distress Crayon Sets,
but this one is the brightest, of course, I used it first. 

I scribbled a little on my craft mat. 

I just used my fingers to smear the crayon over the stencil.
I also added a bit of water to the pink and the darkest blue to fade out
and complete the wall. 

Add a piece of tulle behind the die cut circle and
a few die cuts, a fun Copic Colored dragon and spritz of shimmer,
and like MAGIC you are done with a fun card.

Well. I told you all I was trying to add more post. I actually have another ready! I will be typing it up tonight - See you all later. If you would like the color combos I used for the Dragon let me know. If it is something you are interested in seeing on future post let me know and I will post them from now on.   

Blessings Friends
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