Monday, March 30, 2015

Only Hours Left

I really can not say enough about the high quality and great benefits that Stampin'Up! offers.  Get in while the gettin' is good! Sale-A-Bration bonuses are great!  Comment below if you want any information. I will get back to you quick as a cricket!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Making Pretty

Making Pretty Things makes me happy.  In previous post, I have shared about that icky feeling I get when I don't create.  I am discovering there are times when my "mojo" seems to have run away from home -- you know that feeling right?-- Well I think I have stumbled upon what makes some people that are creative just seem to always have awesome ideas and they make such pretty things.

 It is simple really... they make stuff.  See creativity can not be used up it can only be fed.  If one is always creating, they are exercising that part of their mind.  Ideas begin to take root and flourish with much more ease. That constant use of your creative ability will only give it strength.

I made a commitment to myself a few weeks ago that I would attempt to make something pretty every day.  Even if it was just a doodle, it would be a conscience effort to use the creative side of me. For me, making things can range from my paper crafting to word smithing.  I am finding that my ideas for things to make is strengthening.  I encourage you to try making something (like I said even if it is a doodle on scratch paper) to feed your creativity and see if it helps you feel stronger.

I believe we are all creative.  Each person.  I believe it may not be the same kind of creativity, such as I can do a lot with paper and glue, but my husband is the most creative man I know when it comes to problem solving. (I mean that in a he really rocks at it way).

Since making my declaration of Making Pretty Things *daily*  I have not once fought the mojo monster in fact, my sketch book is getting a work out!  Here are a few MPT I have created *mostly paper art because I am trying to grow that area of my ability.

This is something I was trying, building a foundation then adding the card images and sentiment. These two cards began as one tall card with the Kind Koala stamp but it was just too much white space so I cut it and another full card escaped. 

Playing with the chalkboard trend.  I really liked the simple look.  It is hard to see but I used a little white chalk on the back of the Happy Birthday piece to give it a more "chalkboard" appearance. 

One night I was in the mood to color, so I stamped a bunch of images from the "For the Birds" set Stampin'Up.  then created four cute little mini cards.  These cards can be used on gift bags or given as a lunch box note or just a card to a friend/loved one to say... HEY I was thinking about you! 

The Yay! Yay! Yay! you brighten my day is from the Sale-a-Bration set You Brighten my Day.  I liked that the pennants are not attached, it give a whimsy feel to the card.  

Went to the convention (CKC-PHX) and found this cute little stamp set. and well it was all about the coloring!  I love that card making is not complicated.  A nicely colored image on a good solid color scheme and you have a completed work of art that can brighten someone day! 

I really hope you come back often.  I hope to have videos soon of some techniques to help you Make Pretty Things.
I would appreciate if you what you see on my blog that you will share with others.  Thanks for making my day better by being a friend/follower here.  I do value your comments and ideas, please share with me!

Go make something pretty

Monday, March 9, 2015

Busy Weekend!

It is that time in the month that I have to work, work.  I love my job with my husband but there are days when I just long for a job again that affords me all the time I want to create.  Lucky for me my boss (AKA hubby) is very kind and I get plenty of creative time.  This weekend is the one that I usually need to focus on the business stuff, but I did get Saturday to play.  I had an opportunity to potentially work with a great company, (Fun Stampers Journey) but the timing wasn't right. They took a different route for now, I still love the product and encourage you to get on board with them!  Such cuteness!  However, during the week I thought I would be going to work for them I came up with some fun ideas.

One of the ideas I came up with  which would look AMAZING with some of the fun stamp sets they have was a game.  I sadly do not have those sets, but the idea was still fresh and fun.  I also have a dear friend that has an adorable toddler.  I heard this week she was having another baby.  I was thinking of making her a card, but this came out instead.  So in honor of big sister....I made this fun matching set.  Inspired by Fun Stampers Journey. (check out pages 71-77 of the catalog for the stamps I was thinking would be AMAZING with this idea). SUCH cuteness. One thing I really like about the stamps that FSJ is they are great red rubber and just so smooth to use.  I was thinking if you look on page 39 the aliens.. to make them different colors would be so cute!  Here is a peek of the Matching Game I made.  ANY FSJ Coaches out there.. this would be an amazing workshop. I hope it inspires you!

OH I was also thinking if you have the WE R Memory Keepers Fuse tool you can so encase these and make them sticky finger proof.  I plan on laminating these at my sisters school. (if anyone needs/wants instructions on how I made this just give me a hollar and I will send you some instructions!)

Oh and here is the card that did not make the "Congrats" for my friend expecting her second baby.   I had a better idea, it is in the process of being made and will post it later.  So this became a thinking of you.. cause I was -- thinking of little miss playing this game while mom takes care of new baby on the way.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

Color Color Color

I think the part I love most about making things is color.  A quilt, a card,  a scrapbook page anything even when I write. I love to have pretty colors surrounding me.  When I went to work for my husband, I implemented the use of colored file folders why?  not only does it make it easy to distinguish one type of file from another, but it also is just nice to not have ugly boring manila everywhere.
You are wondering, what does that have to do with anything e?  Here is the thing, I was working on a card last night  and I only had a little time so I was trying to hurry and just make something pretty for the day. I tried three times and felt.. BLAH. I stamped an image even colored it but still nothing. I decided the reason was I had not picked my color scheme!  I am a fan of color scheme!  just check out my Pintrest  "Seed" Board to see that. I call it "seeds" because I believe that is what really starts a project.  I think we need to know what we are going to make and have colors in mind.

I broke my BLAHs by stopping and reaching in my scrap cardstock and pulling out some colors.  I piddled around until I found this combo.
I did not end up using yellow cardstock but I loved the pop of yellow so I used yellow as the ribbon.  

Then the card just fell into place... I love when that happens.
The finished product. I used Red Rubber stamps and clear polymer stamps.  The dots are put on with VersaMark ink to get just the right shade of Grey.. (haha)

HERE is a boo-boo tip for you.

My original layout did not work with the size of grey scrap I had, so I simply cut it and made it appear to be an entire block.  It saved me from cutting into a brand new sheet and looked fine.

You would never know looking at the finished card that the light grey was not a full strip.  Even a miscut can be salvaged. 

That was my fun last night. I have an actual project working tonight hope to get it done tonight or tomorrow!  Please share if you like what you see.. Pin it, Facebook, Twitter, Google+  I appreciate your support.  

Please get out there and Make Pretty Things! 


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good Things Ahead...

It's rent week, which means I am busy as a bee.   I was working until about 7:00 pm.  I realized it was that late ran to the kitchen threw together some dinner then slipped away into my craft space.

I had some sort of bad news last week and it really put me in a sad spot.  I was thinking how I need to send out more cards.  I like to encourage people and I think it is important to not just send an email or text but to actually send something in the mail to someone that could just use a little something pretty in their day.  So I turned my blues around and made a few cards last night.
This is a red rubber stamp image.  Copic Markers the background is a polymer stamp with VersaMark Ink.
The hello on the tea bag tag, polymer stamp with stamping off technique on the blue circle. 

Stamps are all polymer.  Copic Markers.

Now for the Good News I am considering going into business for myself.  So please keep that in your thoughts and prayers.  The business end of things my hubby is looking into and it is in the infancy state...but it may actually happen.  Lots of great things on the horizon-- When God closes one door, He throws wide another.  The door that closed last week may be the beginning of a new journey for me!

Get out there and Make Pretty Things!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cards, cards, cards...

This weekend I have been busy.  I finished a few more cards and have a few on the board that are in the works.  I love the feeling of sitting and creating!  The idea that Making Pretty Things brings me pure joy.  To keep it short and sweet, here are two new cards for you!

PLEASE share if you like what you see!