Thursday, January 23, 2014

OWL always love you...

OK I am BACK in action!! I have been feeling a bit more crafty -- I have been working hard on my book so that has cut into my make stuff  with fabric and paper time-- I have made great progress. I am hoping to finish this novel by the end of 2014!

SO here is the crafty post...

I know but I am on an OWL kick.. but only certain owls they must be MODERN in style so when I found a pattern for a table decoration that made me happy I made it!  This pattern is for a wool-felt project, but I just made it from fabric. I learned a few things while making it..

ONE if you will be finishing the edges (unlike wool felt) you will need a few more inches for the back/blue piece.
 TWO: be sure to add the eyes LAST (lucky for me I thought this through before adding them because I wanted to see how they would look finished)
THREE: take your sweet time stitching

Go nice and slow and it will be amazing! 

FOUR: I really don't like EZ Steam II for all my applique needs... Steam a Seam... come back on the market already..
FIVE: I love that I made this from fabric-- and ladies.. quilt as you go..:)

anyway.. I need to fix the edges, but that will be easy -- so here is my OWL table decor

Gold Canyon Candle in the middle

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