Friday, March 6, 2015

Color Color Color

I think the part I love most about making things is color.  A quilt, a card,  a scrapbook page anything even when I write. I love to have pretty colors surrounding me.  When I went to work for my husband, I implemented the use of colored file folders why?  not only does it make it easy to distinguish one type of file from another, but it also is just nice to not have ugly boring manila everywhere.
You are wondering, what does that have to do with anything e?  Here is the thing, I was working on a card last night  and I only had a little time so I was trying to hurry and just make something pretty for the day. I tried three times and felt.. BLAH. I stamped an image even colored it but still nothing. I decided the reason was I had not picked my color scheme!  I am a fan of color scheme!  just check out my Pintrest  "Seed" Board to see that. I call it "seeds" because I believe that is what really starts a project.  I think we need to know what we are going to make and have colors in mind.

I broke my BLAHs by stopping and reaching in my scrap cardstock and pulling out some colors.  I piddled around until I found this combo.
I did not end up using yellow cardstock but I loved the pop of yellow so I used yellow as the ribbon.  

Then the card just fell into place... I love when that happens.
The finished product. I used Red Rubber stamps and clear polymer stamps.  The dots are put on with VersaMark ink to get just the right shade of Grey.. (haha)

HERE is a boo-boo tip for you.

My original layout did not work with the size of grey scrap I had, so I simply cut it and made it appear to be an entire block.  It saved me from cutting into a brand new sheet and looked fine.

You would never know looking at the finished card that the light grey was not a full strip.  Even a miscut can be salvaged. 

That was my fun last night. I have an actual project working tonight hope to get it done tonight or tomorrow!  Please share if you like what you see.. Pin it, Facebook, Twitter, Google+  I appreciate your support.  

Please get out there and Make Pretty Things!