Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Creative Words

I am taking a class this semester one that is NOT sign language but Creative Writing.  Many people know I love to write, but I guess until today I never thought about words as being a form of Creativity I can share.. They are. so today for my creative outlet I would like to share with you the words I chose as my "introduction" in my class.  The thing is this.  It had to be 300 words or less (by the other submissions I realized I may have been the only person to read that requirement)  I had to use two of these three words: choreographed, bone or seedy.  This was to be an Origin Story with a Super Hero theme... so here are my carefully crafted words... (Today I am working on a scene from a book I am writing, I will share it later..)

Fall 1991
The palm trees swayed gently in the Hawaiian breeze.  The sweet smell of the indigenous flowers infiltrated her senses.  It was a balmy day, almost sluggish leaving one wanting only to sit on the beach to enjoy a few manapua and a Coca-Cola. Erika Hayes had long planned for the events she now awaited. Nothing would rob her of this thing she dreamt of becoming since she was but a child.
 In her own mind she questioned, “Could today be the day? The day I finally …”, It happened suddenly, ridiculously abrupt. She had anticipated, longed for, and desired this moment to come but the pain rushed upon her ripping through her, so intense it screamed out from the very marrow of her bones. She stifled the moans.   The metamorphosis had begun.  Slowly the waves of agony pushed at her, and in a moment it had transpired.   The changes in her body seemed choreographed like this was a natural event, as if any person would be able to achieve this highest of calling.  Her ability to shape-shift had come to completion. Erika had forever changed; she felt the eyes forming in the back of her head, the uncanny ability to hear all things spoken and implied. Erika knew the pain was worth the reward.  She knew her plan was coming full circle, and the world would never be the same.
 In the days that followed her initial transformation she noticed her abilities had become keen, she was able to complete many tasks simultaneously more than that of a “normal” person.  She was able to function completely with no sleep.  She could distinguish the sounds of need, hunger, and discomfort from just a whimper.  Erika realized she had truly become a super mom. 

Tonight I am hoping to work on some layouts so perhaps I will have something scrapbooky for you tomorrow. I have class tonight but it's my Friday.. (of sorts, I still have my online classes!)