Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stitch Much??

So I HAVE been scrapbooking but I can't share those layouts with you just yet... sometimes that's how it goes!  I have been doing other stuff too!

So my mom and I went to a quilt show a few years ago and I found this beautiful quilt pattern that I wanted to make. For some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to cut it by hand, stitch it by hand AND quilt it by hand! LUCKY for me my mom said she would help.  Since we moved, I have been sewing a lot more.  I like to sew, I forget how much sometimes, but I really do love it.  I have dusted off my hand work and here is what I have been doing.
Cut with scissors, stitched by hand.
One of several I have done.   
My mom told me my stitches need to be small and tight.
I hope this passes her test!  :) 

So I will keep working on it. It has been my experience that when I have several projects going I am happiest.  They must be controlled and able to be put away but I love having hand work to do when I am not in the mood to bust out all the stops. So like I said before... many works of art make for a balanced mess.

Tonight I am crafting a character inventory for my Creative Writing Class. It is fun because I get to look up all kinds of interesting information.. LIKE did you know that there are several very expensive Irish Whiskey's.. yeah there are and if you want you can find out how they taste.. even if you don't drink! :) 

OK my friends thank you so much for stopping by and sharing life with me.  I love hearing from you! 

Be blessed and make a mess!