Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quilt in a day!

Completed Quilt Top! 
Remember yesterday when I said I would be doing lots of crafty things?  Well Yesterday I made the quilt top from the Super Simple Quilts book and YES it was very simple in fact I completed the entire quilt top in only a few hours from first cut to final stitch.  I still need to add borders (which I need to go buy the fabric).  The top was very quick and I think it came out pretty cute!  I will add the process below for you... bare with me. there are a lot of photos!
Cutting the fabric for the strips.
Remember it is important to use a nice
sharp blade and use the ruler
correctly (Thanks Mom!)
Start stitching, I used the
chain stitching method which was
perfect for this quilt 

All of Block A complete
Strips are done

Begin making strips of blocks!
This is the fun part! 

ALWAYS mark your blocks
before you  start assembling!

So that is what I did yesterday.  I am going to buy the border fabric today. This was a lap size, so it is not really for a bed, but great for when you are watching TV or when you just want to experiment with a pattern.

OK I will try and do a little something tonight for you, but it was a busy day today-- When I have the quilt completed, borders, back and binding I will post it!  

Have a great weekend
Keep Crafting!