Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moved from Typepad...

It all started with blogger and now the prodigal has returned... I am excited to get started on my first post.

First let's talk about Summer Photos.. anyone take photos from the car?  I am so bad, I do this all the time.  My challenge over then next week is to create a layout using my "scenery" from the car photos. I hope that challenge will not prove to be too daunting.  I am in a very creative mood as I got my new Kit from Studio Calico this week and due to being super busy at work have not been able to play yet!  I have been mulling over what I want to create and I have some ideas...

Next, Challenge Blogs.. love em' hate em' whats the verdict?  Well I think I might love them and hate them.  I am trying to re-ignite my scrapping.  I took a little break as life just simply was overwhelming this year. You know it's okay to do that.  It doesn't mean you can never scrap again if you stop for a spell.  I know I have done that several times, and when I come back to it I am stronger as a person and willing to try new things.  I must say, I don't completely stop I will make a card or a layout or two and continue my Project Life.  I just mean I am not trying to daily get in my space and create.  I decided with all the great challenge blogs out there I should be taking advantage of the talented folks that put out the challenge for me.  This week I took part in the CSI challenge (case# 84).  Here is the layout I completed
A New View  -  Created for the CSI Case # 84 - By Erika Hayes
I am not really THRILLED with this layout, but I don't hate it.  I guess that is all part of the creative process.  "They can't all be your favorites" my husband often reminds me.  While its not a bad layout, it just seems a little forced.  Here's why.. this one challenge included a sketch, that sketch was not conducive to my style.  While trying to include elements from the sketch I struggled a bit. ON the GOOD side, when one stretches oneself to try new "styles" we learn new things not only about a different style but about ourselves.  So the lesson for today... pick a challenge blog that features layouts that are outside your personal style and complete the challenge. I am a clean scrapper no doubt, CSI seems to swing more shabby. You don't have to post it in the challenge, but do complete it and keep track of what you have learned.  THINK through your design process, learn something new about yourself.

Good luck!