Monday, August 3, 2015

Chameleon Alcohol Color Tone Markers

Photo from the Chameleon Website 

I am excited to say I have added the Chameleon Markers to the family.  I want to give you a quick review of the markers and then allow you to ask questions or give your input.

Inside the package:

The set of 20 included 19 Color Tone Markers, a colorless blender, and a lining pen.  Yes, for all this I paid $80.00 I got them cheaper than the MSRP
When they arrived, they came in a lovely storage case.  I loved this.  It meant I did not have to spend upwards of $70 to buy something to hold my markers.
I did a little math  19 markers at  $7.99 (no tax) equals $151.81  and 2 detail liner pens at $4.99 (no tax)  equals $9.98 that is a total of $161.79 for that many markers  JUST counting each marker as ONE.  This gives you an idea on how they compare with the top-line markers.
Yes, you may find Copics at a better price somewhere else but I am just saying for the sake of retail cost.  The set of 20 markers at full MSRP from the Chameleon website is $99.00 
Then after looking closer, I realized tucked away in the set was a lovely gesture buy the company that makes these markers.  They had send a package of 10 replacement nibs. 

What I Love:

When I read the insert, I noticed something different. This company feels as I do!   ALCOHOL BASED markers are TOO expensive!  It is hard to take the plunge into the cost. 
I love the cost!  These markers are a great way for people to start with alcohol based markers, and have a rainbow of choices.  The replacement cost for items is MORE than reasonable as well.

I love the rich colors.  Even if you only used the base color and never mixed the toner once, the base colors are a beautiful compliment and compatible with any alcohol marker you already own.  So, if you peek up again at the cost, these markers are about $4.95 each.  That is a good price.  If you factor in the number of tones you can get… that would make them pennies not dollars. 

I love the blending.  It is flawless.  I love that I can put these in any of my student’s hands and they will have success.  I love this because it builds confidence. 

I love that the company seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to make the client happy and SUCCESSFUL with their product

I love that the nibs both a brush and bullet.  BOTH are very high quality

WHAT I don’t love:

I think NOT LOVE is a bit harsh, but the if there is anything about these markers that causes me to not be madly in LOVE with them it would be getting accustom to is the wait time.  The mixing chamber needs time to absorb the toner.  This is more of an inconvenience but I think for anyone with blending struggles the tradeoff is worth it!

I think that as this company grows and we see more people using them there will be more information on how to use the pens.  For now, the instructions available for techniques are limited. 
That is really it.  I really love these pens and I think if you are looking for a way to break into alcohol markers and want to have professional results and can learn to control your “timing” you will love them as well.

In summary, worth the money I spent.  I think the professional artist will see the value in these pens as well as the beginning artist.  They are a very reasonable price point without sacrificing the very high quality that professionals seek. 

Stay tuned for some fun techniques this week that will allow you to take your new Chameleon Markers for a spin!