Thursday, May 7, 2015

Summer Lovin' - Looking to start a club 3 months

Good Afternoon my thoughtful friends!

I am so blessed this week.  My son Brad is home from school, finals are over and I am actually graduating!  I know it is a great start to my Summer!  

Summer always brings out the fun crafty in me because usually my "busyness" slows a bit.  I hope yours does as well!  

I have decided for the next three months I am going to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin and I want to invite you to keep with the simple side of summer and jump in with me.  

Now you are asking.. WHAT is Paper Pumpkin?  Well I am so glad you asked.  Paper Pumpkin is a box full of fun.  Each kit comes with everything you need to complete a project or several cards.  I love it because it allows me to get into my creative mind-set with ease.  I open the box and make something pretty!  It gives me a great project to keep my creating every month right to my door!   I also would love to start a PP club I will call it B.Y. O. PP  *Bring Your Own PaperPumpkin  

If you are interested in joining the BYOPP  let me know asap we will get you all set up!  IF you are out of state join...I will be setting up a cyber meeting space where we will meet once a month to chat and create... a group hangout!  Email me if you have questions. 

If you want to order off my website click here enter the information below.  We will hold the BYOPP party through the summer if we love it we will keep going but this allows you a little time out and about gathering with friends and we can create for a very reasonable price. 
137859 3 months$59.85

Do you want to see a few first check out these favorites of mine.  All Shook Up (Dec 2014)  Filled with Love (Jan 2015) Framed Love (April 2014) Sweet as Pie (Oct 2014)  These are ones that are still available and adorable. There are many that were sold out.. but yeah.. you get the idea!  Let me know if you are IN.