Monday, May 4, 2015

Make someones day!

Hello my thoughtful friends!

Today I want to share an idea.  It may seem far fetched at first, you may say. Erika you're a nut.  Well that has already been established. I am indeed a macadamia nut. Okay back on the subject-- Many of you know I love to surprise people with little notes of encouragement. In fact, every year at Christmas time I take a part of our gift giving budget and purchase about 20 or 30 gift cards from different places and simply write-- "I hope you have a great day today"  Blessings from Santa's elves and I leave them on tables in restaurants or have a store employee give them away.  It is my joy to watch as people look around trying to figure out WHO gave them this gift... I love to remain anonymous because my theory works like this:  If you don't know which person gave you the gift card, you must assume it was any one of the people there-- this fosters a better day not just for the receiver, but it also makes him/her react more kindly to others. It is after all possible that the lady standing in front of the drink dispersing talking on the phone gave that away.  

I also am very fond of this method because I often target civil servants -- firemen/women, police women/men  etc.  I learned once that they are not allowed to take those from people, it could be seen as a bribe-- therefore if I am unknown to them there is no way they can get in trouble for accepting a free lunch/coffee on me!

I really love to see people get an unexpected joy so I was thinking, what can I do?  How can I encourage others?  So I devised a new plan.  As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator I have all these great stamps with beautiful sayings and images that can really make people happy.  I have decided to create what I am calling "tip cards"  What I do, is I make these cards up they are about 4 1/2 x 2 1/4 for fast food, bank teller, postal official etc and they just are a note thanking them (in handwriting)  for the great job they are doing.  I then make a few larger ones for sit down restaurants that I put my card in when I am paying the tab etc.  NOW this in no way replaces the monetary tip, but it is just a way to leave a little nice around.

If you would like to learn more about how I make these or Stampin' Up! products I used let me know, or visit my website   ALSO.. keep checking back, I will have videos up for you soon.  My ATV guy begins work after the launch date of the new catalog! June 2

Thank you all and be blessed!

Here are a few samples
 (OH happy day by Sandra Goforth www.sgoforth.stampinup,net)

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