Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Washi Tape Woes

Who doesn't love it?  Washi Tape.  That fun roll of bright happiness?  That little somthin' somthin' that completes a project. That little umpf to a boring sheet of white paper, or to code and happify your calender.  Oh I love washi tape.. but the tape woe is storage. They are round like ribbon so I've tried hanging them.  I liked it until I had to get it off the ribbon bar every time. Can you see it right there in the window?  That was fun because it was ROYGBV  but is was a pain to get them off to play.  If I knew just which I was going to use I would just pull some off, but I couldn't really grab them off and play.... so I went to the next (well truthfully I had previously used this method) Sorry I don't have a better photo... but you get the idea

METHOD: Ribbon Rack (Michael's Ribbon Rack)
OHH I was looking through some photos this morning and found a better photo of this rack system for you.  Here it is
METHOD: Ribbon holder - This photo was the first rack I bought, then I got a few more 

Then when I moved my room downstairs into the office, I returned to the THREAD ORGANIZER method.  I used this for a while but lets be real.  This photo was taken long before I realized how awesome washi tape truly is and the doubling up on a peg was not working so well... so then I went to the tried and true....
METHOD: Thread Organizer - Purchased this one at 35th Ave Sew & Vac

Throw it all in a basket and have fun digging method.  This lasted about 2 weeks.  I almost went stark raving mad.  I just need to be able to organize.  Today ended this madness.  Proof that God does answer prayers... in Target even!
METHOD: Throw it in a basket and watch Erika go slowly insane... 
So our newest attempt at Washi Tape Organization.. I am very happy with it. SO lets hope it sticks... it seems to have all the elements I liked about previous methods wrapped into one. Here is how it happened,  I was walking to the front of the store and happened to be in the organization section. *weird right*  I looked over and there it sat, almost mocking me. A FLATWARE TRAY!   The perfect "tray" for washi tape.  To be sure I grabbed it up and ran to the scrapbook section *which sadly is getting very small* and grabbed a roll and plopped it in.. and I actually gave out a little WHOOP!  

Here it is.. the Lets see if it sticks method!

This was my test run when I got home to see if all the different sizes would fit and they do... so I grabbed the cover and ran back to a different Target (cause they only had one at the Target I was at)  and bought out the rest from that store...
METHOD: Keep Erika Sane with a FLATWARE TRAY
I love how they think it is for cutlery and utensils when clearly it was made for Washi Tape... so cute!

So go out there and confuse the check-out person at Target when you have a large amount of these in your arms. When she asks you what are you usin' these for.. smile and say." I have a lot of knives that need a home."  


Q "Do they stack?"
A Yes.  Some of my tapes are new and have more tape so they are thicker, they can make it wobbly but I just have a tray for my "fatty tapes"

Q:  How many do they hold
A: Depends greatly on the size of your tapes, but as you can see I got a LOT of in one tray

Q How much did they cost?
A: Here in sunny did I mention sunny and 77*  Arizona they were $12.99

Have another question? Post them in the comments and I will try to put your answers up asap! 

Blessings and HEY go make something...