Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Loving Lettering

I have always loved to "make" fonts. As a kid, when I was in class I was forever doodling and changing my "signature".  I was excellent at forging my parents signatures-- Uh wait, no that wasn't me, they really signed that permission slip that I forgot to give them for the last two weeks.

 It was not until I grew up that I learned that writing in different styles was a thing AKA "lettering" . As you know I love to zenthangle/doodle. Well I was on Pinterest (which I have now made a lettering board) the other day and I noticed a few beautiful quotes and I said, hey I can do that. So I tried.  I made this, and realized how helpful a rule might be.
Never really thought about how much I like letters! 
 So I got a ruler.. and it helped a lot!  :)

RULERS are good!  Nice to see some straight lines!  

While cruzin' the net I ran across Fun Stamper's Journey post about giving away stamps at the Scrapbook EXPO so then made another one inspired by the Fun Stamper's Journey post about blooms.  I really enjoy the lettering with color.  I then had a moment of AH-HA...This inspires me. I love to make pretty things, so be prepared, I have yet ANOTHER thing I really like doing.  Lettering.  If you have any ideas or great resources please share them in the comments!  Oh hey, Go Make Something!
Inspired by Fun Stamper's Journey Blooms