Monday, September 30, 2013

Bella Bombs = More Writing

Ok that is a harsh title.. but I was sad that I was not chosen for the Bella Team. BUT that is part of putting yourself out there is learning that rejection is not a bad thing.  I just didn't fit THIS time... RIGHT!  Of the layouts I submitted I agree they are not my best work.  I love Bella but I am not a ONE line kind of scrapper. I like to mix the manufacturers up. I did like the layouts but didn't LOVE them!

ON the flip side, I did get some feedback from my Creative Writing professor!  So the good with the bad.. I think the writing is more important to me too, so maybe I need to learn to stick with what I know!  NAH.. where is the fun in that?

ANYWAY, here are some of the layouts I created for the Bella DT call.. Thanks for hangin in there with me. I have a lot more fun stuff to share and a few (anyone that knows me sit down) Halloween crafts.. YES I am doing a few Halloween Crafts this year!  Why.. because I have kids that want to do them!

Be Your Own kind of Beautiful By Erika Hayes

Her Futures so Bright She's Go To Wear Shades
So Very Loved

ALL of the above layouts are 99.9999998% Bella Blvd Product. I will say this, the product IS timeless!  It never goes out of style.. some of the papers used are from several years ago!!! (I used the Lovely line for the first time since I bought it.. and it worked just lovely hehehe) 

OK that's all I am off to class.. See you friends... 
I am getting closer to having the challenge blog set up.. I would appreciate if you share the fact that I am moving that direction soon... 
Be Blessed!