Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby's got BACK!

So I created a new quilt top.  The story in a nutshell - I purchased 2 yards of  this fun Green/Black fabric one day about 8 or 9 months ago from Hobby Lobby using my 40% off.

I returned the next day to purchase the a couple yards of the coordinating white/black/green butterfly fabric at 40% off

-- side note: I love that Hobby Lobby let's me use my 40% off everyday!--

 I had some black fabric at home and threw them all together for a "someday" project.  Haha- that is most often the kiss of death- cause I collect fabric just like paper, ohh it's just too pretty to use!  I had all but resigned to this fabric joining that pile of too pretty to cut fabric.... BUT  I happened to grab it as I was walking out the door to a quilt retreat I mean there is a chance I may use it.. or at least show it to my quilting friends.

On this retreat I was going to finally use some of the MANY Jelly Rolls (a collection of fabric that has been cut in 2.5' strips) that I have had sitting around and I asked my mom if she had any good patterns for a Jelly Roll Quilts.....
Well, my mom had a fun book for "Jelly Rolls"    The book is called Jelly Roll Quilts  --
Some fun Jelly Rolls
The Book I borrowed from my mom
if you want it, click the title in the
post and it will take you to

As I was looking for a quilt to make, I decided I wanted to use my green/black fabric and I would make my own Jelly Rolls.  So while a traditional Jelly Roll is filled with many different fabrics, mine would not be, so I was a little nervous on how it would look when it was done!  

Here is the result!

Thanks to my 6'2" son for holding mom's quilt up
so you can see the whole thing.. see how careful
he is being with the edges so not to stretch the
fabric... you are awesomesauce Brad!

FYI:  I used the Garden Trellis pattern.. seriously took a day to complete this nice sized Twin Quilt top.. 

NOW for the Baby's got BACK-- Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby, seeking to find fabric for the back of my new fun quilt.... I walked over and there was the fabric I had purchased almost 8 months ago... with an additional fabric from THAT line that I had not seen before... Imagine how fun that will be on the back, here is a sneak peek at the fabric and once I have the quilt finished I will post the final product. BUT what fun right!  I am excited to get this quilt ready for quiltin'! 

I am hoping to get more Scrapbook/Cards made this weekend and have lots to share over the next few days.  I am very much considering making a challenge that will mimic the ISSUE challenges again... Just need to know if there is enough interest!  Let me know what you think...


REMEMBER!!! Its the little things that make life awesomesauce with a side of coleslaw... so get out there and find your little slice of joy for today!