Sunday, September 18, 2016

CH CH CH Changes....

If you have not yet heard, I am no longer a full-time employee at Fun Stampers Journey.  It was a dream job, I was very happy working there and then life happened.  I don't want to share too much but I lost my ability to work full-time.  This means new beginnings for me.  I am still very much in love with the company and all the people that keep the wheels turning.  I helped to finish the next catalog that will be released on October 1st, then I resigned my full-time position.  Sadly, I do not own many FSJ products so a lot of what you are going to see here will be other manufacturers.

I did have my first week of not working full-time and it was busy but I am never too busy to create.  I had ordered some My Favorite Things Stamps a few weeks ago and they just so happened to come in so I made a few things.  I also have a few other good things in the works.  I plan to get a studio set up for some live cast, and to provide some tutorials for color theory as well as some other fun stuff.  I am still writing and will share tidbits of the children's story I am working on as they develop!  I thank you all for understanding while I was full-time that I had neglected my poor blog.  Hang with me friends and we will make beautiful things together! Please share with your friends and family I would love to see this blog grow!

Magical Dragons (Click for Link)

Your Rawr-some (Click for Link)

Llama Love (Click for Link)
Stepped Up Chevron - Click for Link -
This was free for spending $60 or more! WHAT